Microsoft CRM Events

One of the nicest excuses to leave your office and still get paid is to attend an event. Last month Microsoft The Netherlands organized partner event where the guest speaker was Christian Pedersen.

The topic was of course Microsoft Dynamics CRM current version and also some highlights about the new version. Unfortunately no new things about titan, it was what we already know about the newest release (see also posting of Ronald Lemmen).

Interesting about the current version, where some examples about CRM Analytics and some integration possibilities with Vista gadgets and of course Sharepoint. I already saw at earlier event that Sharepoint will be the central application and other products will be positioned around it. Nevertheless was nice to see some examples how all was integrated with in one application… yes MS CRM.

Many questions from the audience where about mailing functionalities and if this gonna be extended in new version. It’s was also no surprise, because this is of course where consultants always run into. It would be nice if this functionality will be enhanced, but we’ll have to wait for the upcoming release if and how it will gonna work.

My personal question was about integration with ERP like software as Nav and Ax seems no real focus is on this integration yet. I expect some connector will be released and probably the UI of Ax will change to Nav 5.0 and CRM 3.0. The integration could be realized with (the new) Workflow Foundation or Biztalk or third party tools like Scribe.

Tomorrow I will attend new event at Utrecht (Netherlands) where all products in the Dynamics suite will be presented, curious what that will bring...