It’s so easy or isn’t it?

I often get questions why projects of implementing MS CRM take longer, because the software is so easy to install and an ‘out of the box’ it can be up and running in a day. Also in my work I notice that people underestimate the implementation of Microsoft CRM. Of course from a technical point of view you will run into challenges that have to be solved, but it can be fixed in most cases.

The major issue, in my opinion, that people get stuck into all kind of ‘how to’ theories and loose the right perspective of the project. Basically the success of the project is the adaption of the end users, the result of well integrated Microsoft CRM solutions. Of course this doesn’t mean we not need a structured way of working. I prefer a practical approach combined with a theoretical base, like the phases in theory of Microsoft methodology called “Sure Step”.

Most important challenge is the definition of the requirements and the business processes that should be made available in the CRM application. Especially the analyses of the business processes are difficult, because first you need to define the current business processes and then make the translation to the CRM applications.

In my experience it helps to just draw it on paper and use the classic pencil :-), because people understand and recognize the process quicker when they are visualized. The part that is often underestimated is how to translate these processes in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the way the end user still feel familiar with the way he works. Hmmm ‘’work the way you do” is maybe more then use nice marketing slogan ;-) In your documentation you can make the digital version in Visio or whatever you like to use.

Of course the secret to your successful project is not only based on the analysis of the business processes and its translation, but it will give you a solid base in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.