And the winner is....

It took some time to write my first trilogy and now I should write the recommendation on what is the best choice. In my trilogy I compared the websites, documentation, download of trial software, installation & configuration and two test scenarios.

In general I think you could say that both tools meet your expectations of a third party tool for data migration and integration. The tools have their advantages and disadvantages.

C360 Import Manager

The new product of C360 is very well documented and has very smooth interface. The interface provides you with a natural flow, but is also limitation in your functionalities. It is a real improvement compared to the standard import functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The trial software is not limited by time, but you can only do 10 records. Also the license structure and price is very interesting.

Scribe Insight

The product Scribe Insight and the adapter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very solid solution. The interface feels a bit outdated, but it provides you with many valuable functionalities. Also real improvement compared to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, especially the option ‘formulas’. The challenge to find the right documentation, trail version and information at the website of Scribe Insight is very hard.

Which product to use?

For your basic data migration and integration, which don’t need many changes in data source(s), I think you would choose C360 Import Manager. It has an easy interface, well documented and good price for the provided functionalities.

If you need more advanced import routines with options to manipulate, transform or add data you certainly have to choose for Scribe Insight. It will take you some more time to find your way with the interface and figure out all functionalities, but it will benefit your data migration & integration in the long term.

The winner is…

In my experience I always run into data migration & integration challenges, which needed customized solutions. A tool that is limited wouldn’t work in these situations, because often I had to manipulate my data before it’s imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I got introduced to Scribe Insight by a colleague and I liked the available (advanced) functionalities. One thing that really should be an improvement is better documentation like administration guide. Also a change in the limit of 30 days of the trial would be appreciated.

Of course this is my opinion based on my tests and my own experiences with the tools. Hope this will help you make the right choice…