Scribe Insight vs C360 Import Manager (Part II)

Finally I could get started with Part II. I spend a lot of time to think about the right perspective for this part. I decided to choose for ‘installation & configuration’. So how easy it is to install and how easy you can adapt the product to do some import from text file. Also we still haven’t decided for one of the products and are new to the software.

Getting the evaluation software

First we like to get the product itself so we can install it for evaluation. For C360 Import Manager we can download it directly from the site. For Scribe Insight we have to first request the password for download the evaluation version of Scribe Insight. You can download the software in de user community, unfortunately not easy to find at the website.

Now we are ready for the installation

The C360 software is easy to install and it’s fully functional and ready to use, only limited to 10 rows. Very nice is the fact that you don’t need a register scenario, because the version you download is the evaluation version, which can be unlocked with a production key.

The Scribe Insight software must be installed followed by the adapter for MS CRM 3.0. The Insight software is available after requesting evaluation software by email. The evaluation version is only valid for 30 days and limited to 100 rows.

So the C360 software is very user friendly and needs little effort to get it up and running also no limitation in days which is nice for testing & pre-development. Scribe Insight takes more effort to get it up and running, because you have to apply for password for downloading the evaluation version. Other disadvantage is the limitation in time only works 30 days, but you could upload more rows (100) for testing and pre-development.

The screenshots taken from both products show the test file field with the field of Account entity. As you may be noticed I didn’t select column name in the test file yet. The product both use system dns to get connection to my test csv file in C360 software you can configure it as one of the steps with the C360 manager. In Scribe’s workbench you have to use the standard Data Source functionality of the OS.

So the focus for this part II was on installation & configuration. Hmmm, I am not sure yet C360 have very nice interface and is configured in a friendly way. For testing the 10 record limit can be seen as disadvantage. Scribe offers the same functionality, only the interface is bit outdated. The disadvantage is the time limit of 30 days, but the records are limited to 100 and that is very nice for testing purposes. I think people who first see both products will choose for the friendly and smooth interface of C360’s Import Manager.

Next is some serious testing

The two scenarios I will test are not that simple, of course I believe we could import a “name” from text file to “name” field in Microsoft CRM 3.0. So we try to import 5 account and 2 of them are subaccounts.

The other scenario will test how (easy) we can match a source value from text file with a value from a picklist. Now we have two test scenarios, let’s see how the products can meet up to our expectations.

Unfortunately I got in fight with my image just got it up at running this evening besides this I was also enjoying the sunny weather 18 degrees (Celsius) for the second day here in Holland, so I will continue my testing and write the results in part III.

To be continued…