Scribe Insight vs C360 Import Manager (Part I)

In my previous post I announced to write an article about Scribe Insight vs C360 new Import Manager. I wondered about what’s the best way to get started, because the products are complex and offer much functionality, which I don’t expect to review in just one article. So I decided to follow the well known trilogy approach e.g. Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Die Hard, Back to the Future and if you forget something you can always add a part IV :-)

This is of course part I, the perspective in this article is to see what information is available to make the right choice for the product. So we take a look at available product information and documentation.

First we will visit the C360 product page of Import Manager

Interesting features are import into custom entities, because you can’t do this with standard bulk import of MS Dynamics CRM. Other nice feature is duplicate checking and data cleansing. Other functionalities are in my opinion features that you would expect from import utility.

Next I would like to read more details about how the tool works, because I like to know how it works. At the end of the page you will find the Installation and User Guide in PDF format. It is also possible to download a trial version fully functional only limited to import 10 records.

Ok, let’s visit the Scribe Insight website

Here you will already see difference between the two products. Scribe Insight has a core application and can be combined with an adapter, which connect to appropriate program, in our case with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The features are what you might expect from a data migration tool. The interesting features here are especially the “openness” to Message Queue and XML and available adapters to different CRM and ERP application. In features of workbench the “Formulas”, which give you the ability to do data manipulations like case conversation and substitution.

Information about the adapter is a bit harder to find but you could find it under “Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP” after clicking on the “need” you should arrive at Insight For MSCRM.

Here you can find extra information about the adapter itself. The adapter provides a graphical user interface to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM API. Unfortunately there is not one User or Installation Guide, but on intro page of Microsoft CRM and in the User Community (click on “Resource Center” -> “Scribe User Community” - > “general” and choose “evaluation resources”. A trail evaluation is not public available for download, but you can request it by email.

In my opinion the website of C360 is more user friendly and gives you quicker access to information you want to know and also offers a functional trail. The Scribe software gives you more possibilities in connecting to other software and also let you manipulate your data before you import it into your crm application.

The focus for part I was about getting the information you want. At the C360 website the information is better provided and more easily to gather.

To be continued…