Mystery of customizations

Today it's sunny again, this is already day 3! Nevertheless I still can't really enjoy it, because it's a working day and maybe if lucky can enjoy some sun in lunch break or at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, today I am working on some prototype for a customer. I tried to import some customizations and it seemed to work nicely, except one entity didn't show up after publishing?? I tried publish it again, give an IIS reset and nothing seems to work.

Hmmm did got me puzzled, because I see it in CRM as custom entity in 'customization' area, but not mentiod in the left pane under 'extensions'. Anybody seen this problem before?


Life can be so simple, I got the customizations from collegea. He forgot to check some boxes in the "Areas that displya this entity". Case solved, lessons learned check, double check and drink more coffee :)


ADT said…
Just back from my holidays, have I missed out ?

No internet for a whole week, torture and I have submitted an application to fine the wife for human rights abuse.
Alarm Systems said…
Hope all is going ok. It is great to see that your still considering options with your blog (it would be horrible if your passion for blogging burnt out and you didn't want to do it anymore!).