Flexibility & Usability of CRM

Last Friday, I attended a breakfast meeting at InfoSupport Belgium. The topic was hosted CRM, which is very interesting concept, especially in these fast times. We need to be and keep informed as quickly as possible and you have to be connected.
Of course the service of hosted CRM was discussed, but there were no surprises, because you get same functionality, hosted Exchange etc. etc. The interesting parts were the two guest speakers.

The first was from Proximus Belgium ( Vodafone) they promoted their new products for being online all-time. Now the 3G network delivers high speed internet, but at the end of the year they expect the roll-out of HSPDA network in major part of Europe, so we can be connected 24/7 with broadband internet up to 3.6Mbit/s.

This sounded great so I looked for some data about HSDPA (= High Speed Downlink Packet Access). It is a 3G mobile telephone protocol, which increased the data transfer speeds and capacity of the current UMTS -networks to 1.8 – 3.6 Mbit/s. It can also be increased to 7.2 or even 14.4Mbit/s. The capacity of the network could provide the each customer with 30 gigabytes of data per month.
This would be great for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, because you could stay connected all the time and be up-to-date every second.

The second speaker was from head Hunters Company called KNET also situated in Belgium. They demonstrated their new CRM application, which was build by InfoSupport BE.

Interesting about this concept was that this company didn’t sale anything, they recruit people. The functional designer used the lead functionality for recruitment process, because the workflow matched the process of recruitment. Of course some customization where done, but basically it was the same functionality as standard provided by CRM.

Using this functionality for totally different business process proved that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is very flexible and could be easily used in different way. It looks that it works the way you do…. :-)